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The Glizzy Gang Collection. Glizzy Gang is a collection of 5555 Glizzys. Some may call it a hotdog, some may call it a frankfurter, but here, we call them glizzys. These Glizzys have been hand-crafted and randomly generated from over 250 traits with tons of possible combinations. Your Glizzy will be unique to you and only to you, and that isn't ....

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  • glizzy. glizzy. Forged from aero-space grade aluminum in two or three piece forging, available in sizes 18″-32″, multiple finishes, and built to your car’s ....


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    For the primary meaning, glizzy can be defined as a slang term for the food hot dog. It also refers to people who eat a hot dog in large amounts, ‘Glizzy Gladiators’. On the other hand, there is also another definition of glizzy that is completely different from the primary term. Another meaning of this term can be defined as the m See more.